Affordable Natural Care: Faith in Nature

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Faith in Nature is a brand with about 40 years of history with the idea to produce friendly products. Friendly to the environment and to the people that use them.

Faith in Nature doesn’t use any synthetic fragrances or colouring, SLS, SLES and parabens. There are no animal ingredients and no ingredients are tested on animals.

LaColle Norway sent me a generous package with products to test out and I was doing this in the past months to be able to come with this post and share with you my favourite picks.

I already reviewed two hair products from the brand. I really like their Organic Coconut Shampoo* and Conditioner* and you can see more here. They’re light but the shampoo cleanses my scalp and hair well while the conditioner gives me shine and makes my hair really soft. They’re a very nice pair together and I’d like to try more from the haircare range.

You may have seen the Pomegranate & Rooibos Shower Gel and Foam Bath* in my November favourites. I used it in the mornings after workout because it was very refreshing, I haven’t tried it as a bath gel, so I can’t report on that point. I liked it as a shower gel because of the delicate scent and the nice lather that it creates and I’ll be  visiting my local bio store soon because I’m curious to try some of the other shower gel scents.

The Chamomile & Aloe Vera Roll-on Deodorant* has a very light scent and dries pretty quickly. It’s best if you use it after taking a shower. It’s suitable for both men and women. I was scared that I can get a sticky feel throughout the day as it happens with many roll-on deodorants but so far, I haven’t noticed something like that. You have to know that you won’t feel the scent at all once you apply the product, so if you’re expecting perfume-like smell during the whole day, it won’t happen. For me, this is a very nice natural deodorant and it’s also great that you can use a refill – saves you money and it’s better for the environment.

Although I don’t wear that much make up on a daily basis, I always double cleanse my face in the evening. I actually never use face wipes but I tried the 3-in-1 Facial Wipes* and I was surprised. They are gentle, they remove make up effectively (especially mascara) and they actually feel moisturising on the skin. I definitely won’t switch to face wipes make up removing but I think I might be getting these if I travel in case I’m in a situation in which I can’t properly do my full routine or just use them as the first step of my evening rituals.

These are my favourite picks from Faith in Nature and if you’re looking for a natural and cruelty free care that is also affordable, I’d recommend checking these products out.

*PR samples


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