The Perfect Christmas Red

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While I was shopping my stash about a week ago, I noticed a gem that was forgotten by me. It’s quite bad of me because the Essie Jag-U-Are nail polish is probably the best Christmas shade. I wore it on my birthday because it’s really festive and pretty.

It has the typical Essie brush, wide and comfortable to work with. The shade itself is a vibrant red with lovely golden shimmer. It’s not glitter, it’s just such a delicate and beautiful shimmer that unfortunately can’t be captured and seen on a photo but in real life looks Christmassy and cosy. The shade is bold but classy, bright but warm.

The application goes like a dream, even one coat is enough but I apply two for an opaque and stronger colour. It doesn’t chip easily and for me it stays on for about 3-4 days.

If you’re still looking for a beautiful Christmas colour, check this one out!


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