The Hydrating Overnight Face Mask for All


Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is probably one of the most famous skincare products. I’ve confessed my love for Origins Charcoal Mask (which I reviewed here) multiple times, so I was quite curious to see how this one works.

As a person with combination skin, I avoid using hydrating overnight treatments and I have to say that even Origins are suggesting that this mask is best for dry skin. But this didn’t put me off and luckily because it’s a really good face mask. It contains Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oil which give you the moisture needed and Japanese Seaweed to prevent future dehydration. I use it only once a week, it’s suggested to do it twice a week though. I apply it replacing my night cream step and tissue off the excess after a couple of minutes. It’s a little bit sticky in the first minutes. It smells of something between peach, mango and apricot, I love this scent. On the next morning I wake up to healthy looking and plump skin without being oily. It didn’t break me out, it didn’t irritate my skin, just made it more nourished and it’s really important especially in the winter. My cheeks can get pretty dry in the cold months although the T-zone remains a little bit more on the oily side. This face mask is giving me the right amount of hydration on both oily and dry areas.

On the other hand, my boyfriend has super dry skin. It can get red, painful and flaky in the winter and the fact that we live in Norway doesn’t help either. I convinced him to try this mask and after the first use he wasn’t impressed but I asked him to wait a little bit more. He kept using it twice a week as an overnight treatment and the results were obvious. His skin is now much better, doesn’t have so many dry patches, feels and looks calmer and less red. He started applying it in the morning several times a week as a day moisturiser and he said that he doesn’t have the stripping feeling usual for the winter time anymore. I’m very happy that he decided to try it.

This mask works well for both of us although our skin types are so different. Have you tried it and what do you think of it?


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