Why You Need a Sample Before Buying a Foundation


A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram sharing with you that I’d be trying two new (for me) products.

One of them was a sample of the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15. I immediately applied it and I was amazed – it perfectly matched my skin tone, the finish was lovely, looked so natural, stayed on my face all day just how I wanted it to, I powdered only once after applying the foundation and there was no need for more throughout the day! I was sure that I wanted to purchase the full size although there was just one thing I didn’t like – the fragrance.

However, on the next morning I had so many spots on my face that I was hoping the reason wasn’t the foundation. I continued using it but the breakouts were a fact each day. I tried the product many times because I really loved how it looked and stayed put for such a long time but it was obvious that this foundation was breaking me out.
This is very sad because it’s a really good product but I guess the ingredients are not for everyone.

What I want to say is that  I’m happy I had a sample size and saved 380 kr which is around 45 euros. It’s an expensive foundation that I loved but apparently my skin didn’t.

Something else, you never know if a foundation really matches your skin tone when you’re in a store, the lighting is different than the natural one, you need to see if it’s more dewy or matte and what you actually prefer on your skin.
I, personally, don’t like heavy foundations, that’s why I mainly use tinted moisturisers so, the way it feels on my skin is important for me, too.

So, there are plenty of things that you should check out before spending that sum for a higher-end foundation and my suggestion is to always ask for a sample.

Hope this helps!


5 thoughts on “Why You Need a Sample Before Buying a Foundation”

  1. I always get myself a tester, because as some fundations break me out :( And I have dificulties to find the right shade .. In the store the shade look right, but when I get home it’ not :)) so I carry a little plastic pot in my bag and get myself that tester! :D


      1. Exactly, as if you’re stealing something but actually you’d pay for the full size and it’s normal to want to try it before purchasing


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