Formula 10.0.6 One Smooth Operator


Formula 10.0.6 is a skincare brand that I noticed in one of the drugstores here. I won’t lie, what grabbed me was the packaging. This is the first product that I’m trying from the brand, I was looking for a new face scrub and decided to pick this one.

Perhaps, my skin doesn’t get along with chemical exfoliants because so far, I’ve noticed that it gets irritated if I use such products. This means that I’m an old-fashioned scrub user.

The grains of One Smooth Operator are spherical and they’re a little bit more rough than what I usually use but they are not hurting my face or turning my skin red. The feeling is actually quite nice. The scrub buffs away the dead skin, leaves my face soft and purified, the zinc keeps my T-zone shine-free and I like the mild scent. The most important thing is that it doesn’t break me out.

I’m pleased with the results and this is also a budget-friendly skincare item. The packaging of all the products from this brand is really nice and I’m tempted to try more of their range.

Have you used anything from Formula 10.0.6?


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