Review: L’Oreal Shinissime Gel Top Coat


This was a random purchase. I didn’t know anything about this product and as far as I understood, it’s not available everywhere, so it might be hard to get your hands on it. But if you can find it, be sure to check it out. It turned out that L’Oreal Paris have an entire nail care series – The Nail Care Issue with several interesting items.

I picked the Shinissime Gel Top Coat. This top coat surprised me because I didn’t expect it to do everything that claimed on the box. Basically, ”Shinissime Gel enhances the colour if the enamel due to an extreme shine mirror effect”. It should be applied when the nail polish is dry and then reapplied after a few days to extend the lasting power of the nail varnish.

It’s thicker than most of the top coats and really gives you a gel effect, it does make your nail polish look pretty shiny but what impressed me more was how long it made it last. Usually, my nail polish stays on for two days and then chips, I have to remove it and apply a new one (I’ve mentioned that I like cooking and I wash my hands very often). However, with this top coat, my nail varnish lasts 5 days! This is extremely long  for me and something more, it doesn’t actually chip but slightly wears off at the very top of the nail which is almost invisible. It also makes my nails look very smooth.

I’m quite impressed with this product, it’s affordable and does a good job. I had no idea that L’Oreal had such products and I’m happy that I found this one. I will definitely try to get some of the rest too.

Have you tried The Nail Care Issue series?

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