We Have Moved!

The last couple of months have been quite busy and stressful for me and my boyfriend but we finally have a new home and each day I like it more and more.

I’m trying to make the place look more cosy and warm but we definitely need more time to complete our ideas. Here I’m showing you just a few  favourite spots for the moment.

Starting off with the kitchen because I spend a lot of time there, it’s my favourite place, I love cooking but even if I’m not cooking, I just feel good being there. I’m a fan of rustic kitchen types but here it seems this is the hardest thing to find (not that I don’t like Scandinavian style but I just prefer it warmer looking), so I’m trying to make it seem closer to what I like by adding small items.

Herbs and flowers have big part in my heart and I’m really happy that now we have a balcony which can welcome our outdoor plants.

Keep your fingers crossed for us because there is still a lot work to be done!

Tiny corner in the kitchen
Tiny corner in the kitchen
Another corner - with herbs and amaretto that I mainly use for cooking :-)
Another corner – basket with herbs and spices and amaretto which I mainly use for cooking :-)
Love our homegrown herbs


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