The Pharmacy In-Shower Body Lotion


I’m not lazy when it comes to body moisturising, just sometimes I don’t have so much time or I simply like using in-shower lotions and reach for them from time to time.

We’ve all heard about (and probably used) the Nivea in-shower body lotion, we recognise the nice scent and the soft feeling after shower.

But I have something better here and it’s the Eucerin in-shower body lotion. I believe that the two brands are under the same company but I always go for the medical skincare and I’ve seen through the years that Eucerin works wonders on me.

I got this body lotion when I was in Germany, I haven’t seen it here in Norway and honestly I think it’s not available in many countries which is a shame because it’s a really good product.

First of all, the application is the usual for this type of body lotion – you use your favourite body wash, rinse off and then apply the lotion while you’re still in the shower, rinse again and you’re ready to go. If I compare this one and the Nivea in-shower lotion, I can say that the Eucerin one is not leaving a sticky film while with the Nivea one, I always feel a bit of an oily residue left on my skin.

Maybe the point where Nivea would win for most of the people is the scent especially now that they have bigger variety, the Eucerin one is not having a smell or at least I don’t feel any. For me it’s actually a plus because you can feel the scent of your body wash and also, it can be used by men without leaving fruity, floral or some other sweet scent on their skin. What is important for me is to get the job done and it really does. It’s made for sensitive skin. Sometimes my skin feels so dry that it’s itchy (horrible I know) but the Eucerin in-shower body lotion soothes my skin, nourishes and protects it with the high concentration (5%) of Dexpanthenol. It’s mild but at the same time very moisturising. Even your elbows and knees are getting incredibly soft with it and I feel that this product will be a good friend in the colder months.

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