An Elbow Helper


Are you among the people who always suffer from some skin change when you’re away from home? I guess the majority of us experience this. Hopefully, it would be just a small problem and nothing serious but a problem is a problem.

So, although I was away for just a couple of days at the beginning of the week, my elbows decided to act strange. We all know that elbows usually get very dry and we should moisturise them often. I’m trying to take care of them as part of my body but I still can’t explain to myself what happened several days ago. My skin on that area got really dry, it was even painful. I didn’t take many products with me but I noticed that I’ve grabbed the travel size of the Vichy NutriExtra Body Cream. Of course, I decided to give it a go.

I know that this is not a review on a new product but I was impressed with how quickly this cream solved my problem. After applying it, my elbows got really soft and the pain was gone almost immediately.

Now, to tell you more about the cream if you haven’t tried it. It has a rich texture, you need just a tiny bit of the product, smells really nice and absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue. It’s paraben-free. Feels very soothing, I suppose it’s because of the thermal water in it. And exactly the soothing feeling made me like this cream so much, it’s something that I usually associate with herb products (which I adore!) but this one surprised me.

I’m pretty sure I will start bringing this cream with me all the time.


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