Mixed Feelings


I love Rimmel and their products and feel sad that I can’t find anything from them here in Norway so when I saw the Fix and Perfect Pro Primer 002 during my trip some time ago, I had to take it.

It has thick consistency, smells a little bit like a soap which is a problem for many people but for me, personally it’s ok, you don’t feel it after putting on the rest of your make-up anyways. It needs a minute or two to fully absorb.

I had high hopes for it because of the word ”mattifies”, yes, combination skin problems. And probably that’s mostly why I got a bit disappointed and I’m having mixed feelings about this primer. What it claims is:

Foundation glides on more smoothly, more evenly and wears longer. Or wear alone for an all-day fresh and even complexion.

  • Smoothes to minimize pores
  • Resurfaces for an even complexion
  • Brightens skin all day
  • Mattifies and eliminates shine
  • Protects skin from environmental aggressors

First of all, it does prime! I have enlarged pores and so far, I haven’t found a solution but this primer is kinda helping me to have smoother skin.
As to resurfacing the skin, I’m not sure exactly how a primer can resurface your skin.
Next point is brightening the skin which the primer does, my skin looks better, brighter and glowing.
What I’m looking for in a primer is to make my skin smooth and mattified. I know that I can’t find a drugstore alternative for my all-time favourite Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid by L’Occitane  but when the packaging claims that the product would mattify your skin, then it’s normal for me to expect that. And this primer doesn’t mattify your skin. After you apply it and wait for a couple of minutes to absorb, it really looks like your skin is mattified but less than 30 minutes later, the shine is back. Many people say that it doesn’t look dewy either but for me it absolutely does. When something looks dewy on other people, it looks oily on me. I have to blot many times during the day to eliminate the shine.
I don’t hate this product but it definitely didn’t do for me what I was expecting. However, I suppose it would be a better choice for the upcoming winter months because it feels hydrating.

Have you tried the primer on oily/combination skin and what are your thoughts?


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