Two Shampoos for Soft Hair



When it comes to hair, everybody wants theirs to be soft and nourished. I’m using up my shampoos super fast as if I’m drinking them (I promise I’m not) so I decided to share with you two shampoos that recently impressed me. Plus, both of them have pumps!

Vichy Dercos Mineral Soft Shampoo for Daily Use has a formula enriched with minerals and it’s alcohol-, paraben-, soap- and silicone-free. It comes clear, smells amazing and it’s very light, something like a gel. It leaves my hair shiny and soft with a wonderful scent that you can smell even on the next day. I was very excited about the pump but for me it’s not so comfortable. It’s not a bad pump, just I have super long and thick hair and I need huge amount of the shampoo. The pump is not distributing very much and I have to press many times until I get the amount I need. If you have shorter hair, though don’t worry.

I’ve been wanting to try something from Björn Axén for a very long time. It’s a Swedish brand, probably the most famous Swedish hair care brand. I got even more interested after reading about their values and goals. The Legacy 1963 is their luxurious hair line: “The Legacy 1963 is made in an uncompromising manner and contains only high-quality, caring ingredients – the perfect balance of essential oils, antioxidants in the form of organic oils from Arctic berries and our own protein complex topped with Bulgarian rose oil, also known as “liquid gold”. The last part made me melt, if you don’t know why, click here!
So I picked the Strengthening Shampoo for fine hair simply because they didn’t have the one for thick hair in the store and I really wanted to try it out. The packaging looked so chic, I absolutely fell in love. Now, this pump is something else! I need just 3-4 pumps for the right amount of creamy product. The shampoo smells of apricots. It’s giving you a deep cleanse. I always wash my hair twice and then apply mask or conditioner. This shampoo makes my hair extremely soft, almost like a baby hair, smells amazing and if the one for fine hair works so good on me, then I don’t even know what the thick hair shampoo would do.

Have you tried any of these shampoos?

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