Review: OPI Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails




My nails grow very fast and they’re pretty strong but I do very much work at home, I cook every day, wash my hands hundreds of  times so my nails get dry and start to split. I needed a nice treatment and was suggested to try the OPI Nail Envy out.
You can wear it as a base coat but I decided first to make a two-week course with just the treatment and nothing else. After those two weeks, I’m now using it before applying my nail polish.

Nail Envy is available in several formulas, the original formula is the most popular one. However, I picked the moisturising one.

The instructions suggest to apply two coats and a new coat every other day without removing the previous one. On the 7th day, you remove all the coats and start reapplying. The reason I wanted to try it first on natural nails without applying nail polish was that I can never wear a colour for 7 days, I always remove it on the 3rd or 4th day and I wanted to see the real results.

After a bit more than two weeks of using the product, I can see that my nails are growing even faster, they are more flexible and looking more healthy. A couple of them are still peeling a lot but I guess it needs more time. Or maybe I have to try the Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy but they didn’t have it in the store.

It’s quite pricey, I got mine for 260 kr which is about £25 but I think it will last pretty long time.

So far, I’m pleased with the results. It’s not something magical but I prefer to give it more time to work with my nails. They definitely look much healthier than they were before trying this product.

Have you used OPI Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails?


6 thoughts on “Review: OPI Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails”

    1. Do check it out but give it a time and please share your experience after that. I’m seeing results even when I’m using it with nail polish on top.


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