Two Dove Hair Products That I’m Currently Loving


My hair is pretty long and thick and I love spoiling it when I can.

The Dove hair products have always been something that I like but in the city where I live now, there’s absolutely nothing from their hair range on the market. Not sure if it’s like this in Norway in general or it’s just this city but they don’t offer any Dove hair products here which is sad.

So, when I was in Germany I picked these two beauties that are the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Conditioning Spray and their Intensive Repair Treatment Mask. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the dry shampoo that everybody’s raving about (I’d like to try it so much!).

Let’s start with the spray which was something new for me as a Dove product. I’ve tried leave-in conditioners many times and my hair seems to like them so I always try to find a new one. First of all, this conditioner comes in a clear bottle which always is a win for me  because I can actually see how much I’ve used. You can see that it’s a dual formula described as a combination between Nutri-Oils with almond, coconut and argan oil to smooth and seal the hair and Micro Moisture Serum to restore moisture. Before using you should shake well to combine the two liquids. It smells amazing, reminds me of sweet almonds!
It can be used on wet or dry hair. I use it after washing my hair, when it’s not completely wet but still damp before blow dry but it can be applied between washes or after styling your hair. The nozzle of the spray is distributing the product so softly that it feels like a light mist and not like a hairspray for example.
This leave-in conditioner makes my hair smooth and frizz-free and also gives me nourishing.

As to the Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask, I have to say that I’ve used many Dove hair masks and I was always pleased with the results. What can be different with this one is that it gives you a deeper nourishing. It’s described as a hair mask for dry and damaged hair.
My hair is not dry and I don’t dye it yet so it’s not damaged either but I always like to use hair masks that are deeply nourishing and meant to be used on damaged hair.
The application is the same as for most of the hair masks – wash your hair, apply the hair mask, leave for 3-5 minutes and then rinse. I use it once a week as a mask but I apply it every time when I wash my hair as a daily conditioner which means that I just leave it on for a minute or two.
It smells great and the scent is there for at least a day more. This mask leaves my hair silky but in a heavy way and not in a flying silky way. Another win!

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