The Product That Seems to Work for Everybody but Me (Update)


A month ago I blogged about the Bliss That’s Incredi-‘Peel’ Glycolic Pads. You can read the first post here. In just a few words, it didn’t work for me the way many people said it would. My skin was burning, I had many breakouts after using the pads, it was an unpleasant experience.

I promised to try the product again after getting back to my normal skin days and to report, so here I am.

At the end of the previous post I said that I’d change the way of using the pads so I switched to applying them every other evening instead of every evening and I cut the pads in 4 smaller parts because I thought if I used less product, it would make a difference. The first couple of times were ok, the feeling was just stingy and not burning and my skin looked normal. After that though, I experienced the same as the first try more than a month ago – I broke out horribly. I decided to use the product at least two weeks but it didn’t get better, actually exactly the opposite –  my skin was getting worse and worse. I think I gave the pads a good try but had to stop using them again.

Apparently, this product doesn’t work well with my skin, I’m sorry, all the reviews were so positive and I really hoped that I’d see the same ‘magical effect’ but it just didn’t happen.



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