Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil


I’ve been reading a lot about this product before purchasing it. I was looking for a nice face treatment for my combination skin, you know something a bit more special. I’ve been using it for a month or so and I think it’s a good moment to share my experience so far.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is made from 100% pure plant extracts and claims to purify, hydrate, balance and tone the oily/combination skin. Also the concentrate of Rosewood, Geranium and Lotus extracts are about to tighten the pores and refine the skin texture, the Hazelnut oil softens and soothes skin and also minimises the appearance of fine lines.


The first time when I put a couple of drops in my palm from a tester, I felt the herbal scent which I loved. Some people think it’s too strong but I personally like it very much. It gives me the feeling of relaxation. The scent along with the reviews made me purchase this product.

During the first week, I was using it every night as the last part of my evening skincare routine after cleansing and toning my face. But I thought it was a little bit too much so I decided to make it twice a week. I need 2-3 drops of the oil. I warm the product between the palms of my hands and then gently apply it on the face. It needs a couple of minutes to fully absorb but it doesn’t leave a sticky film, doesn’t make your pillow oily or something like that. I’m not sure if I can correctly explain how I feel but it’s something like a gentle face massage, it’s very relaxing. It makes my skin softer and smells refreshing. I don’t apply night cream when I’m using the oil and I noticed that on the next morning my face is less oily than usual.

Then an unexpected problem appeared because of a face product (more info here) and my skin was looking terrible. I got back to applying the oil every night and I noticed the difference immediately. 3 days later my skin was back to normal only because of this oil.

Also, from what I’m seeing, the bottle will last a really long time.

I can’t say enough good words about this product. It really helps my skin feel and look better. I would definitely repurchase the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil and I would recommend it to anyone who has oily or combination skin.


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