The Land of Roses



I’m coming from a country known as ‘The Land of Roses’ because it’s producing rose essential oil in a region called ‘The Valley of Roses’.

The country is Bulgaria and the Bulgarian rose essential oil is one of the most expensive products sold all over the world. We call it ‘liquid gold’ there. In the last years along with the rose products that exports, Bulgaria is also one of the biggest lavender exporters.

June is the month when the rose petals are hand-picked, it’s happening at dawn because it’s believed that at this time of the day the concentration of the oil is highest. To produce 1 kg of rose oil containing 100% organic ingredients, you need between 3000 and 5000 kg of flowers, grown in environmentally clean areas without any use of pesticides and other chemicals which explains the price.
Rose essential oil is produced by a water distillation process and is used mainly for production of perfumes.

I’m not coming from that region but as a Bulgarian, I’ve learned the benefits of rose products years ago. I’ve been using rose water in my skincare routine for a very long time and I’d like to share with you how it can help your skin feel and look healthy.

First of all, rose water is a byproduct of the distillation process. It has a very light rose scent.

Nowadays many products are having rose water as an ingredient. But for me personally, it’s even better when I use it pure.

The rose water is an incredibly gentle product, it’s suitable for all skin types and even for sensitive skin. I use it mainly as a toner after cleansing my face. You can also spray it throughout the day to freshen your skin.
The rose water is a source of antioxidants and vitamins. It’s maintaining the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, stimulates cells regeneration and prevents the signs of aging such as wrinkles.
It has anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect for blemish-prone skin and oily/combination skin. It soothes irritated skin. You can also use it on cuts or sunburn for example, because of the anti-septic effect, it won’t even sting, I promise.
People with dry skin can use rose water to moisturise their face.

Rose water is making your skin soft and clean. If the annoying mascara is not going away even after double-cleansing, just put some drops of rose water on a cotton pad and rest it on the eyelashes for some seconds. Wipe gently all your face and neck and if there’s anything left from makeup or dirt, it will disappear.

Sometimes when my eyes are very tired, I just put some of the rose water (you can also keep it in the fridge for a fresher experience) on cotton pads, lay down, leave it on my eyes and just relax. It’s also reducing eye puffiness.

It’s not impossible to make rose water at home but unfortunately there is only one rose type suitable for this, so you can’t just buy roses randomly and expect wonders.

I hope that this post will help you discover or re-discover the benefits of rose water because it’s a wonderful multi-purpose skincare product.



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