Favourite Base Duo at the Moment

Last month has been crazy! I had to travel to several countries with 3 different forms of transport, changing climates, not enough sleep, long trips with less breaks…the list can go on. BUT I had a partner in the battle for good-looking and also good-feeling skin.


I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream for a very long time but unfortunately there aren’t any Bourjois products on the Norwegian market. So, when I planned my trip, I was sure that I would finally get it. I also purchased the 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream and I don’t regret it.







With these two beauties I looked fresh like a cucumber, it felt light but at the same time my skin was protected. Mine are both in shade Ivory. I have to say that it’s the lightest of all 4 shades but honestly it’s not THE lightest that can be in my opinion. I’m not so pale as usually the ones that are using the lightest shades are but hopefully there’s a good shade for everybody.

The 123 Perfect CC Cream contains 3 colour correcting pigments:

– Apricot (anti-fatigue);

– Green (anti-redness);

– White (anti-dark spots)

and also has SPF15. I like that it has some benefits like a skincare product and I can really see the results after a few weeks of using it.

The product is  very light and can spill out of the thin nozzle so be careful. I tried to apply it with different methods but I got the best results after using my fingers or a beauty blender. I can say that the coverage is medium.

I have combination skin so I need to put a primer before applying the CC cream and powder at the end but it’s not supposed to be a mattifying product anyways so just have that in mind if you have oily or combination skin.

The 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream is a good concealer for dark circles and also has medium coverage. It’s not creasing at all which is amazing.

I can say that I’m pretty happy that I purchased these products and I’m sad that I can’t just go to a drugstore here and get them when they’re over, I’ll have to find another way and only hope that one day Bourjois will come to Norway.




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