My First MAC Lipstick


It may sound strange to most of you but no matter where I was living, we didn’t have any MAC counters. And I wasn’t very keen on purchasing online without seeing how everything actually looked. The only other item that I own from the brand is Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder which my boyfriend got me from Austria I think and I absolutely love it.

Now, here in Norway, we don’t have any MAC counters either but there’s this store that has MAC products online. Being very curious about the famous lipsticks, I decided to risk. I checked out hundreds of reviews and made a list with the shades that looked best for me, then I decided to get a wearable one, kind of nude and at the end my dilemma was between 3-4 shades of the lipsticks.


Probably, I won’t surprise anyone when I say that I picked Patisserie. It’s described as ‘sheer creamy neutral pink’ but it also has peach, brown and some glitter in it. Actually, I didn’t expect that much glitter (the reviews were saying that it’s just a tiny bit, probably even tiny bit for me is much), it’s not bad or something but I avoid putting glitter on my face, I’m just not a fan of glitter. It’s creamy and a little bit glossy, feels very soft one the lips. Of course, it has little staying power since it’s in a lustre finish.

I’m not 100 % sure how I feel about it at the moment, I like it as an everyday lipstick but I don’t think it’s the perfect nude for me. However, I’m curious about other MAC shades of their lipsticks.


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