Back in Norway: Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine Shampoo



 So, Herbal Essences are back! It seems that they disappear from time to time in the different countries, any ideas why?

I’ve used Herbal Essences years ago, actually at the very beginning they started to be present on the European market and I loved them then.

After that they disappeared, then appeared again in different packaging which actually made me not want to get them, then I moved to Norway and a month or so ago I saw a big Nicole image preparing us for the shampoos’ and conditioners’ return. Who doesn’t like Nicole, right?

However, I find two things negative: 1) The price is a lot higher than the usual in the rest of the world which isn’t a surprise for those who live in Norway (everything here is more expensive) and 2) There are only two types of the shampoos/conditioners here.

I picked up the Silk ‘n’ Shine shampoo which I like from the past and I loved it again. I also like the packaging very much, it’s back to the old look. The formula contains rose hips, jojoba extracts and vitamin E, there are no silicons and it’s suitable for all hair types.

The scent is flowery and really nice, at the end your hair is shiny and soft. I like that this shampoo leaves my hair really clean, I don’t know if it makes sense but just some shampoos make your hair feel extremely clean. If you’ve tried the REN Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo (pity that I can’t find it in Norway) for example, you know what I mean.

I would return to Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine shampoo although I’m using a different one at the moment, it’s a very nice product and I recommend trying it if you haven’t already.

4 thoughts on “Back in Norway: Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine Shampoo”

  1. Hi! Can you please tell me where in Norway did you find it? I live in Trondheim and I am looking for this shampoo. I have used it in India before (and fell in love!) but couldn’t get it here.


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