My Favourite Fragrance


It was the spring of 2006. I got a fragrance as a gift from my parents and I absolutely and immediately fell in love with it.

It was very unusual and fresh… it was LOVE! It was Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo!

I would never choose it based on the description which says ”floral-fruity” and ”sweet” which is exactly what I don’t like. I’m into fresh, citrus scents but this ”floral-fruity” is not the typical floral-fruity and the ”sweet” is not that candy and sugary sweet that makes the fragrance strong in a weird way, too girly and unpleasant instead of clean and light.

The top note is Passion Fruit and Honeysuckle which give it a tropical vibe. The middle note is of Jasmin and Ottoman Roses which bring the feminine floral tones of the fragrance. The base note is Amarys Wood together with Musk that in combination leave the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Another great thing is the packaging – the bottle is simply beautiful (maybe I would only prefer a different cap) and the box that it’s in, is quite charming as well.

It stays on me all day and everyone is asking me what’s my perfume. It’s perfect for the sunny spring and summer days.

I’ve tried other fragrances from the Incanto line and I liked them too but Incanto Charms is just the best, it’s so wonderful that I can’t describe how much I love it.

The only downside for me is that as it was launched 8 years ago, it’s almost impossible to find it at the moment and you don’t always know if it’s the original product. Can’t they just sell it forever?

For me, Incanto Charms is the best combination of elegance, freshness, lightness and summer in a bottle! Plus it has a sentimental value for me…


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Fragrance”

  1. love this post! I did a review on Taylor Swift perfume called wonderstruck and just did post on ‘comparing yourself with others’ it would mean alot if you could check it out and maybe follow me! You have a really lovely blog! xxx Hatice


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